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Eierman Elite Wrestling
Mike Eierman
4180 State Road J
Fulton, MO 65251

What is Eierman Elite Wrestling?

Eierman Elite Wrestling is an elite competitive wrestling team coached by Mike Eierman in Millersburg, Missouri. Our wrestlers compete in numerous local and national tournaments and have gone on to be state qualifiers, state medalists, 22 state champions, USA Wrestling National All-Americans, 2 Roller All-Stars and a Roller Trinity Award Winner. As a program, EEW has won multiple state championships and remained in the top three teams since our start in 2004. It’s common to see former EEW youth program alumni back in the wrestling room during their high school summers to continue their training.

What can I expect at an Eierman Elite Wrestling practice?

EEW practices consist of putting wrestlers in realistic positions and scenarios rather than running robotic drilling with a stationary drill partner. Drilling in the EEW room appears more like live wrestling, requiring both wrestlers to work both mentally and physically. Whilst talking is kept to a minimum on the mat, the EEW room maintains a friendly and constructive environment. Wrestling mats are meant for wrestling, not grueling sprints or exercises that do nothing to further an athlete’s wrestling knowledge.

Parents are encouraged to watch practices but we request that they remain as observers in our designated seating area.


Feel free to stop by a practice and check it out!

Can a wrestler workout with Eierman Elite Wrestling if they are not a club member?

Definitely! Many of EEW practices are open practices. Check out the Practice Schedule page for more details. There are also Eierman Elite Scrambling camps that are open to everyone. Feel free to check those out on our Wrestling Camps page.

What are the benefits of wrestling with Eierman Elite Wrestling?

Commonly, paid wrestling organizations in the state of Missouri are businesses in which wrestlers can only practice once or twice a week without the benefit of a full-time coach or being a fully supported member of a team. These clubs are a great place to learn the fundamentals of wrestling.

Eierman Elite wrestlers are members of an elite competitive wrestling team where they can regularly practice with state and national champions. Coach Mike Eierman is a full-time coach who teaches the techniques he’s accumulated over the years whilst competing at the highest levels. Coach Mike also accompanies athletes to competitions and tournaments. EEW athletes are learning skills that they can carry with them through their youth, high school, collegiate wrestling and beyond.

What is scrambling?  Will a wrestler learn the “basics” in the Eierman Elite wrestling room?

Scrambling is really just another word for wrestling; no need to be intimidated. Champion wrestlers at any level strive to keep good position and never willingly concede points.

In the EEW room, wrestlers are taught the basics of the sport… and more. This is not a program for previously elite athletes. At EEW, we embrace every skill level of wrestlers to learn and train to become the best. Simple, go-to moves such as the sprawl and spin are embraced in the beginning, but we strive to train wrestlers on how to react when their go-to moves don’t work. Wrestlers learn how to assess these “bad” positions and redirect their attention towards new solutions. This is how Coach Eierman and Eierman Elite Wrestling consistently create champions. EEW athletes can score from any position and never stop wrestling… moving… fighting… scrambling.

What is Mike Eierman’s approach to wrestling?

Mike knows that every athlete is built different; therefore, they all have a different approach to the sport of wrestling. Commonly, Mike says, “each wrestler should learn the basic positioning and fundamentals of wrestling. Once those movements become instinctive, it is time for each wrestler to explore their own individual approach. EEW athletes are not taught to wrestle within a system, or pushed to adapt a specific style, rather they are encouraged to expand and take risk in developing their own approach.” Coach Mike simply tries to guide the wrestlers and help them tap into their individual strengths, both mentally and physically.

Is mental preparation important to be a successful wrestler?

Wrestling is the toughest, most grueling sport because it consumes all of the athlete’s strength and demands all of their attention the entire time they are competing on the mat. While many wrestling clubs focus primarily on the physical aspect of wrestling, Coach Mike knows and acknowledges that there are two sides to winning: physical and mental. Every wrestler must remember that even with the most rigorous training and extensive arsenal of wrestling moves, they will ultimately fail unless they honestly believe in themselves.

Is proper nutrition important to be a successful wrestler?

Nutrition is a large influencer in an athlete’s performance. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in conditioning, stamina, and recovery time. Everyday, wrestlers should pay attention to what they consume. This combined with ample sleep and water intake prepare any athlete to work their hardest in training and competition. Coach Mike’s wrestlers benefit from the stories he tells of his time as a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center.